May 9, 2019
1504 E. Santa Fe Ave.
Grants, NM 87020

Rider Update: It was a cold 40-degree start for the riders today. There was also a strong cross-headwind that developed in the last 30 miles as they headed into town. All the riders are doing well and staying strong.

  • Distance traveled: 54.02 mi

  • Elev Gain: 1,387 ft

  • Time Moving on the Bike: 3h 12m

  • Average Speed: 17 MPH

  • Calories Burned: 1,500


Day 13 of the War on Wheels ride. Today our riders honor Gabriel, Austin, and Sawyer. WOW, New Mexico is HOT!! We are so proud of our riders' endurance as they pedal through the desert heat. Visit for more information.