May 7, 2019
I-40 & Hwy 191, Exit 333
Chambers, AZ 86502

Rider Update: Today one of the riders rode for 36.8 miles. He averaged 16 MPH and had an average heart rate of 128 BPM. He burned 1,170 calories and was done riding in 2 hours and 44 minutes. It was a warm 75 degrees outside.  These riders are loving the beautiful scenery on their way through Arizona into New Mexico!


Day 11 of the War on Wheels ride. Today we honor Christopher, Gabe and Ryan. Today is a 53 mile journey heading into New Mexico. Each state behind them is a step closer to the finish line in St. Charles, Illinois on June 2nd where there will be a party awaiting their arrival! If you are local, consider joining us for the event. Details here: