April 27, 2019
2815 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Video Recap of today's ride!

Ride Update:

The first 75 miles of the ride went well.  There were a lot of red lights the team got stopped at which added on some ride time overall. A few bike issues with a tire and a rim but all is well. They had a 2100 climb from sea level on this ride. When they left at 9 am it was a chilly 50 degrees but it warmed up quickly and when the team ended the ride around 5:45 pm it was a nice 75 degrees.  The riders had to make one detour due to road construction but overall they had a great first day!


The War on Wheels Riders are excited to honor Shantell, Jmarrion, Adan and Michael on the first leg of their journey today! The WOW riders will be facetiming the kids during their ride from Santa Monica to San Bernardino to let them know they will be thinking of them along the ride. These sweet kids are motivation for the riders to get through their 72 mile journey today! calsangels.org/wow