The W.A.R. on Wheels (WOW) cycle team is a of group of cycling enthusiasts that have been motivated by the courage and perseverance of the brave kids and their families that fight pediatric cancer everyday. The WOW team will bike 2,499-miles across the country to raise at least $2,499,000 ($1,000 per mile) to support Cal's Angels' mission. From April to June, the WOW team will bike from Santa Monica, CA. to Chicago, IL. along historic US Route 66. Every dollar donated will go toward helping Cal's Angels fight cancer through wishes, awareness, and research. I.e. the W.A.R. on Pediatric Cancer. Cal's Angels, a St. Charles-based 501C3 pediatric cancer foundation, is close to the hearts of all the riders. Cal's Angels was founded in 2007 after Cal Sutter lost his battle with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. Cal always cared about others before himself and his kindness was the inspiration behind the foundation's mission.



Cal’s Angels provides a wish or financial assistance of $1,000 to families with a child fighting cancer receiving treatment at any Chicago area pediatric hospital. Our goal is to remove the burden of the diagnosis and give the entire family lasting memories.



Pediatric cancer is a terrible disease affecting over 40,000 children each year. 46 children will be newly diagnosed with cancer today!. Help us raise awareness for the gold ribbon and help kids with cancer! Awareness = Funding = Cure



While the need to develop safer, more effective therapies has never been greater, this comes at a time when there is a growing crisis in pediatric drug discovery as fewer new drugs are being developed and approved for use in children. The development and testing of new agents for pediatric populations has been hit particularly hard because the diseases that affect children are different, have a smaller potential market, pose greater regulatory obstacles and offer a limited return on investment. As a result, there is a critical imperative for the medical community to initiate, develop and evaluate new therapies specifically formulated for children and adolescents.


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